Update 2015

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If you happen to stumble on this site, you better check out our Facebook page that we actually update. A real website is on the way though. While writing this we may just as well recommend you to check out our new song ‘Heart of Darkness’, from our upcoming album.


Back from Portugal

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We’re back from three awesome shows in Portugal, the SWR Metalfest in Barroselas, Dirty Crown Fest in Caldas da Rainha and Side B in Benavente.
The response was way better than we imagined and we now realize we will have to go back again, but first we’ll need to concentrate on our new record. Other countries will be played in as well of course, but we promise the crazy metal and punk hordes of Portugal that we’ll be back for more shows.

The Black Planet are writing a report about the SWR Metalfest that we’re eager to read, since they wrote well about the show in Benavente!

“Then AGGRENATION came to shake everyone’s mind and body, once their fucked-up crust raised the intensity levels, promising more sweaty tears in a more crowded venue.

Fast, furious, dirty and rotten crust-metal, with the right punk attitude, presented by a Portuguese speaking vocals. After the show we talked to them about the underground feeling of SWR Barroselas (where they were going to play the day after) and it was interesting  to see how committed their were to profit from that environment and “to see Possessed”, they sad.

After three brutal shows in Portugal, we are sure that their return will be demanded in a new future.”

They also filmed when we played Ministry of Lies:

Now we’ll head back to our cave to continue writing new material, stay tuned here or on our Facebook.

Update 2013

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We haven’t used this page since 2011, but I updated some stuff now. Since 2011 a lot have happened, but mainly a few member swaps and a new LP split. Right now we’re writing new stuff and preparing for some shows in Portugal in April.

That’s all right now, over and out.

New song out!

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We’re all done in the studio now and you can listen to one of our songs! It should be available at the Music page here, but if not you can check out the youtube video below. The name of the song is Guerra Final, which means “The last war” in portuguese. Why have a song in portuguese? Good question, we just felt like doing something different, all though the rest of the recorded tracks are in english. News about how these songs will be released will follow.

You can download a mp3 version Here (click the name of the song to download)

In the studio!

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Finally we’ve entered the studio! Drums, bas and guitars are now recorded and tomorrow we’ll go for the vocals and solos, and begin the mixing process. Sunday is our last day in the studio, and maybe we will put up a song here next week from the recording. 8 tracks are being recorded but it’s not yet decided how or on what format they will be released on.

A real website is under construction, so the future of this blog is uncertain. Perhaps we’ll continue to write here since our posts get linked from some other sites, and otherwise we’ll post a link to the real deal from here.

Now we are officially confirmed at the Obscene Extreme Festival, so check out their website to see all of the bands that are going to play! Dropdead, Skitsystem, Rotten Sound, Lautstürmer, Entombed and many more.

Czech Republic & Germany

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That’s right, in July we’ll play at the Obscene Extreme Festival and Köpi, check the gig page to see the dates (the day for OEF is still to be announced). Other bands at Obscene Extreme are Entombed, Lock Up, Varukers, Rotten Sound, Brutal Truth, Benediction and a hell of a lot of punk, metal, grind and hybrids. In Berlin we’ll share stage with Lautstürmer & Von Bööm who also will perform at the festival. More info will follow!

Show in Gothenburg

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We’re supposed to be focusing on new material instead of doing shows right now, but we will be playing this Saturday at Underjorden in Gothenburg, together with Inavel and Våldsamt Motstånd. We’ll be playing some new material for the first time, so be sure to check us out if you’re in the vicinity. The rehersals are going well and we’re still coming up with new material. Exactly what and how much we will record is yet to be decided, but we’re really looking forward towards entering the studio!